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    Launching a project to observe weather and particulate matter


    Launching a project to observe weather and particulate matter

  • Weather and particulate matter observation devices

    Obtain Grade 1 performance test for particulate matter

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Observable & rewardable
wherever you are.

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Just 15cm.

Infinite potentials
from a small device.

Small Weather Observation Device measures Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Particular Matters, Surface Wetness, and visualizes realtime weather conditions through smartphone App. The observers are rewarded with OBSR coins, once their weather data pass the quality test.

OBSR coin utility image

Utility coin
with immediate
exchange value.

OBSR is not a conceptual currency but an encrypted currency that contains weather data gleaned from our daily lives. While most encrypted currencies are based on hypothetical business models, OBSR is an utility coin that is used as an empirical means of weather data transaction.

Increasing data
accuracy and credibility
with bigdata technology.

Patent solution developed to check the quality of weather data in real time. With this solution, you can produce the weather data similar to professional weather information providers.

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