An innovative cryptocurrency
for crowd-sourced weather data.

OBSR (OBSERVER Coin) is an utility coin that promotes crowd-sourced weather data trading. Individuals earn OBSR by sending personal weather observations, such as air temperature, pressure, humidity, and fine dust concentrations, to the OBSERVER FOUNDATION. Whenever observations are successfully performed the data provider receives OBSR as compensation. All observations are subject to quality control by meteorological experts and managed through big data technology. Data buyers can purchase OBSR from the cryptocurrency exchanges for weather data and acquire data through the OBSERVER FOUNDATION.

OBSERVER eco-system

and whenever,
with multiple devices.

Anyone can collect real-time weather data using smartphones, automobiles, mini weather stations, vessels, and aircrafts, and receive compensation.

  • Smart phone

    Smart phone

  • Weather station

    Weather station

  • Automobile


  • Airplane


  • Vessel


  • etc

OBSR coin utility image

Utility coin
with immediate
exchange value.

OBSR is not a conceptual currency but an encrypted currency that contains weather data gleaned from our daily lives. While most encrypted currencies are based on hypothetical business models, OBSR is an utility coin that is used as an empirical means of weather data transaction.

Increasing data
accuracy and credibility
with bigdata technology.

Patent solution developed to check the quality of weather data in real time. With this solution, you can produce the weather data similar to professional weather information providers.

Deep in all areas
of Business Sectors.

A wide range of business sectors are using weather data to minimize costs, maximize outcomes, and ensure safety.

  • Agriculture

    Weather data is more than necessary for farmers to maximize yields and mitigate damage from natural hazards.

  • Energy & Power Generation

    Given the impact of weather variation on energy consumption, weather data is a key element in estimating energy demands and optimizing power plant operation.

  • Insurance

    Insurance companies are incorporating reliable weather data when designing insurance policies. It is to help policyholders avoid damages from severe weather events and thereby reduce the number of claims.

  • Retail

    Weather, like air temperature and rainfall, can cause great changes in consumer behaviour. Retailers and wholesalers are taking advantage of weather insights to maximize sales and better manage their inventories.

  • Airlines

    Airlines are using weather data to prevent flight delays and cancellations. Weather data is also being used for steering aircraft, controlling air traffic and maintaining runways.

  • Travel & Leisure

    Accurate weather information is essential for developers of weather-sensitive travel and leisure products, as it enables them to reduce losses from changes in schedule or cancellations.

  • Financial Investment

    Investors are integrating weather factors into their decision-making process. Weather data is particularly important in evaluating companies that are significantly influenced by weather.

  • Disaster Prevention

    Weather information is closely monitored and analyzed by government agencies and international organizations that are committed to protecting people from natural hazards.

65% Weather observation Compensation pool

OBSR Allocation
OBSR Allocation OBSR Allocation

15% Trade

3.3% Initially listed

5% Marketing & Promotion

5% Operational cost

3% Legal & Compliance

7% Team & Advisors

65% Weather observation Compensation pool